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Suited for Success

Client Stories

A snapshot of our most memorable client stories whom we have suppported and they successfully gained employment.

Suited for Success

A quick turnaround for success

We often share our client success stories with our supporters on social media. But WOW what a response we received about John’s quick turnaround success story.

Suited for Success

Gaining employment during covid

While Suited for Success was closed during the Covid-19 lockdown it was great to hear from one of our clients Pam Quailey who got in touch to say she had successfully gained employment


Client stories in the Mail

Mitchell was referred to us by youth charity Sport 4 Life and successfully gained employment. His story was included in a Birmingham Mail double-page spread highlighting our work.

Suited for Success

Job success in Ladywood

Suited for Success was thrilled to have supported 16 people from the Ladywood community into employment at an new state of the art leisure built in central Ladywood.

Suited for Success

From serviceman to locksmith

After attending an ex-forces day at Suited for Success veteran Matt Lambeth is now running his own successful business as a locksmith.

Suited for Success

New life, new employment

From a world of drugs, crime, prison, addiction and homelessness to leaving that life behind and starting a new life clean, sober and employed.

Suited for Success

Homelessness to employment 

Up until 5 weeks prior to his appointment at Suited for Success Anthony was street homeless and sleeping rough behind Birmingham Central Library

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