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Client Testimonials

At Suited for Success we love to hear back from clients after being successful in getting their job and we love to share the good news with our supporters too. Take a look at a few testimonials we have recieved back from clients below....

"I GOT THE JOB!!! Thank you so much for helping me look the part for my interview. I will never forget Suited for Success and your help. What you all do makes such a positive impact on people's lives including mine and I couldn't have wished to be met by kinder more welcoming people when I arrived. I'll be singing your praises wherever I go". - Craig


"I was greeted with warmth and kindness by Christina, as I entered your studios at ‘Suited for Success,’ this afternoon. This ‘energy’ of kindness and positivity, continued throughout my appointment which I am truly grateful for. I witnessed other clients experiencing that too, throughout their appointment with your team.

Thank you kindly for ‘fitting me’ into a very busy day at ‘Suited for Success’ and taking the time to sit and talk with me 1:1 about my journey to date and exploring my hopes and aspirations for the future and then fitting me for a flexible interview wardrobe, in light of the; employment, training and volunteering work opportunities, on the horizon for me.

It was truly a positive, enlightening and transformative experience and one that will always be fondly and deeply remembered by me.

You and your colleagues provide an amazing and unique experience and service, to the community of Birmingham and I truly applaud you ALL!!! Keep up the great work." - Audrey


"I’ve got two daughters and three grandchildren. I’m a proud man and I don’t like asking for help. I’ve always been in work and had good jobs. I lost my job 6 months ago and have been on Universal Credit, it’s been so demoralising.

"The feedback I received from my last job interview was that I wasn’t dressed smart enough. I didn't have a suit and couldn’t afford to buy one. "I felt so embarrassed being sent to Suited for Success.


I didn't know what to expect, but you’ve made me feel a million dollars, I can’t thank you enough. I feel so smart and confident now ready for my job interview.


You’ve made me so happy I could cry. I can’t thank you enough for all your help” - Paul.


“I attended this amazing charity and got offered some CV and interview coaching. They gave me pointers on how to tweak my CV and a FREE suit donated by Clements And Church

(how kind and generous to donate such a thing).


I felt amazing in the suit! The CV got me the interview and well... I’ve started my new job today! Patricia was fabulous as were all of the coaches!! Thank you so so much, the support is fantastic. The help the charity provided gave me the lift I needed to get my head up and keep looking out" - Michael


"I finished the training about a month ago and work started immediately. But what would I have done without your charity - our uniforms just arrived a week ago, so I was able to wear the shirts for both training and work.


Many thanks to you and all your supporters". - Olatoye


"I came to you guys with hopes I was able to secure two jobs however I was fortunate enough to get the KFC job but not the role as a personal fitness instructor for the Royal Air Force. The suit you provided was stunning and the best-fitted suit I currently own.


However, I did not serve it justice I wasn’t able to successfully pass my vetting stage, God willingly I can make justice to that suit and get into a formidable career and donate back to suited 4 success when I am in a financially viable position.


The work you guys do is outstanding, you guys actually cared and that meant a lot to me". - Hassan

I don’t know if you remember me I came in to see you a few months ago. Unfortunately, the company I got interviewed with, although, they offered me a job they weren’t a very good company.

Today I put on my green Jacket for another interview and I was hired!!! I am also starting volunteering work with a place called Creative Care. It’s my way of giving something back even if it’s not directly to you. I start next week. As I was doing the school run today you sprang to my mind and I wanted to share the great news with you.

Life is amazing now and it all started with people who gave me that brilliant belief that I was someone worth something. To this day I thank you yet again for the kindness and compassion that led me to believe in myself. Even when one door didn’t open I kept knocking.

I thank you so much as I now belong to the world of work” – Tracy


"Coming to Suited for Success has been a huge confidence boost for me you've been amazing especially the interview coaching and then you dressing me. I don't recognise myself, thank you so much" - Effie


 "I look and feel like a totally different person. It has given me the confidence to attend (& hopefully excel at) my interview. "Without 'Suited for Success' and the wonderful people there, I'd be back to square one.


Whatever the result of any future interviews, SFS has given me a massive head start.  THANK YOU EVERSO MUCH" -  Chris


"I wanted to say thank you for your support the other day and styling me nicely. I went for an interview today, my interviewer said I am one of the best people she has ever interviewed. Wow my confidence really is coming back!!!!

"Thank you for treating me with dignity and respect. It takes a special person to do what you do, you uplift people when they are sometimes at their lowest. I felt powerful this morning.

"Looking good helped me feel good inside, in turn it made me less nervous at my interview. Your kindness gave me hope for my future. A million thanks xxx"


"Three months ago I visited Suited for Success as I had an interview for a job with the NHS as a Medical Laboratory Assistant but I had no suitable attire for the interview. I was kitted out from head to foot in a suit. I passed the interview and was offered the job.

"Three months later my background checks completed I needed clothing to start my new job. The job centre would not help me and I had £60 to live on for an entire month to also travel to work, buy food and clothing. I complained to the job centre that it was impossible to start a new job in the middle of the month with only £60, it fell on deaf ears.

"I went back to Suited for Success and the lady that ran it listened to my frustrations. She gave me clothing to start my job including trousers, shirts, shoes, socks, jumpers, a winter jacket even underpants, deodorant and shower gel also a £50 food voucher. The job centre gave me nothing.

"My thanks to some strangers who helped me when I couldn't help myself. Whenever I feel like giving up, I will remember the people who believed in me and who unselfishly helped me to succeed. My vocabulary fails to find the words to express the thanks that I have for Patricia and her wonderful team who helped me when no one else did, I Thank You." - Ricky


“I really struggled when I left the military 4 years ago after serving for 10 years. I did a variety of good jobs when I left including vehicle operations inspections manager at Jaguar Land Rover, events management and a head chef. But my head just went. It happens with a lot of soldiers, navy men and air force pilots. I’ve struggled with my mental health and been in prison 3 times.

Going to prison was a lapse out of character and I’m really sorry for what I’ve done. People may judge me for what I’ve done but that wasn’t me.


This person you’re seeing in this suit is me." – Ex-soldier Richard

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