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Client Stories

Many clients referred to us may have experienced long-term unemployment, have a history of ex-offending, drug abuse, homelessness, poverty and many other life challenges. This results in low self-esteem and confidence that becomes a barrier to finding employment. Looking and feeling the part for an interview is a step towards succeeding in finding that crucial job and getting their life back on track...  
"I feel much more confident now to get out there
and go after that job that I'm craving..."
Meet Andrew

University Graduate Andrew was referred to Suited for Success by a leadership programme called UpRising. Andrew attended their employability programme in September called Fastlaners working with young people looking to build on their existing experience or qualifications to kick start their career.

Andrew graduated from university last year and has been unemployed ever since. Sadly, his father and grandparents died this year and he has been suffering with depression but is coming out the other side and feeling positive about his future…

Take a look at Andrew’s makeover at Suited for Success


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