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Client Stories

Many clients referred to us may have experienced long-term unemployment, have a history of ex-offending, drug abuse, homelessness, poverty and many other life challenges. This results in low self-esteem and confidence that becomes a barrier to finding employment. Looking and feeling the part for an interview is a step towards succeeding in finding that crucial job and getting their life back on track...  
"I feel like the boss in Hugo Boss..."
Meet Wayne

Wayne, 43 was referred to Suited for Success by a Birmingham Job Centre. He's been out of work on ESA benefits for 22 years after suffering from a mental breakdown in his early 20's after the breakdown in relationship with his mother and the death of a close relative. He now feel's ready to go back into employment.

Wayne said: "I've always wanted to work but never felt ready in my health but now I feel ready"

After he was dressed in a very smart suit ready for his interview at DHL he said: "i feel like the boss in a Hugo Boss suit"


Listen to Wayne talk about his journey..


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