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Our Covid Response and Job Loss Support

Now in the aftershock of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the UK is facing an unemployment crisis. Support for those who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 is needed now more than ever. 
Suited for Success is HERE TO HELP!

Need support? 

During these uncertain times, Suited for Success is offering help and support to those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Have you lost your job? See the information below on how we can support you to regain employment.

Need coaching for your next job interview?

Whether you need a coaching session because you are changing job sectors and nervous about demonstrating your transferrable skills and experience in job interviews or you need an interview coaching or a mock interview session to practice answering those tricky interview questions. Maybe it's been a long time since you had an interview and you're struggling with interview nerves and anxieties, we're here to help.


Our one-to-one interview coaching appointments give crucial interview skills and video interviewing practice to make that first impression count and excel in a job interview.

About our coaches

Our fantastic interview coaches are volunteers who come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, expertise and experience including HR consultancy, business managers, recruitment consultants, business owners, retired managers, business directors, and more all wanting to offer their help during these times. Our coaches are on hand to share invaluable tips, advice, and support to help people to regain employment. Appointments are one-to-one and last approx 1-hour.  


How's your CV?  

Due to the number of job losses caused by the pandemic, there are a lot more people applying for every job vacancy. Does your CV stand out? Is your CV not even getting you a job interview? Let us take a look at your CV for you.


Video interview practice  

Video interviews are fast becoming the new normal by recruiters when doing initial stage job interviews. Employers are increasingly using video interviews as part of their recruitment process. Practice your video interview presentation skills with a video mock interview and get feedback on your video interview from our coaches.


Need interview clothing?

Research says it takes just 90 seconds to make a great first impression in a job interview, this is largely based on what you are wearing and how you present yourself. 


Suited for Success provides FREE high-quality interview clothes, styling advice, and presentation skills for unemployed people going for a job interview. Interview clothing provision is via our referral centre in central Birmingham.  

Our FREE interview clothing is normally provided with proof of a guaranteed job interview. However, for a limited time, we are providing interview clothing support with all coaching appointments (if required). Select interview clothing required when booking your appointment.

Our interview clothing provision includes a one-to-one dressing and styling session with one of our stylists to find out a bit more about your job interview or jobs you are applying for, to ask about sizes, style preferences, colours and more. We'll make sure you make a great first impression in your next job interview.  


Masterclasses, webinars, bespoke workshop days

Working with employers, businesses, and business professionals we are developing a number of webinars, masterclasses, online workshops and bespoke coaching days providing invaluable tools, resources, help, and advice to get you back to work. Our online support can be accessed in the comfort of your own home. 


New Job Start support

Did you lose your job due to the pandemic? Or were you on furlough for a long time and now nervous about starting a new job?

Have an informal one-to-one coaching session with one of our coaches to help with any anxieties, concerns, or fears when starting a new job. The appointment is tailored to the client and includes a capsule wardrobe of smart work clothing if required so you can turn up to the first few days feeling confident and looking your best.


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Suited for Success runs regular webinars, workshops and online events with businesses, employers and personal development professionals. We’re also kept informed about employment and training opportunities.


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More information

For more information about our Covid response please contact us: Tel: 0121 236 7770 or Email:

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