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'We love to work in collaboration with others to ensure we can go the extra mile to help our clients succeed. From professional services, training and charity of the year partnerships to work skills coaching and mentouring with corporate companies..' 

Uber partnership


Our partnership with Uber enables us to remove another barrier faced by unemployed men and women who are struggling to move into employment.


Suited for Success service users who are struggling financially will now be able to attend their appointments and job interviews without financial stress and the need to navigate their way to a new place. Uber will provide Suited for Success with ‘Uber credits’, which will allow us to book free Uber rides (at our discretion) for clients when they have Suited for Success appointments or job interviews to attend.


A big thank you to LoveBrum for helping to make the partnership happen.  LoveBrum is a Birmingham charity that supports small grassroot hidden gem projects across the city that are often volunteer led and deliver real change. Suited for Success is a LoveBrum-funded project.



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First Impressions


Suited for Success is really excited to be working together with First Impressions to give our unemployed clients the additional professional support, help and advice to succeed in getting that job.


West Midlands based First Impressions is an image consultancy and people development organisation that spans the UK, Europe and Asia. They offer Image skills and professional development training through professional consultancy, training and advice services in personal image, personal branding and all aspects of people development. We’re really pleased First Impressions have added Suited for Success to their extensive list of corporate companies and organisations helping their clients to enhance and reinforce brand messages through personal presentation.


Image impact


Through training, workshops and presentations, our team of volunteers and referred clients will learn about image impact for interviews, personal appearance, behaviour and communication skills, which are core to succeeding in an interview and making the right impression in a new job.  


Working with First Impressions will ensure that Suited for Success is more than just a FREE interview suit and we can go the extra mile in supporting our clients.


More about First Impressions



Francesco Group - Birmingham Academy


Suited for Success has teamed up with Francesco Group Birmingham Academy so we can offer FREE haircuts and styling appointments to our clients.


Many unemployed men and women don't have the funds to buy interview clothes or haircuts to prepare them for a job interview. Not being properly groomed can make or break someone's chances at getting that crucial job offer.  


A haircut is not only about confidence or a feel good factor, if someone is looking their best and feeling their best they are more likely to give their best.


FREE haircuts


Now teaming up with the Francesco Group Hair Academy in Birmingham City Centre and through the generous financial donations from our supporters, Suited for Success can now offer FREE haircuts and styling to our clients. All Haircuts and (non-technical) styling appointments are offered at a 50% discount to Suited for Success, by the Francesco Group Birmingham salon as part of their partnership with us. There is no cost to the client, Suited for Success will meet the 50% charge to go the extra mile in supporting our clients.


Clients who are offered hair appointments as additional support will be at the discretion of the Suited for Success.


Read more about our partnership with Francesco Group


Partner with us

Would you like to partner with Suited for Success? If you are a business or professional service that shares our values and passion to support unemployed men and women into employment we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us to explore ideas: info@suitedforsuccess.co.uk

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