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Sport for Life young person
Sport 4 Life young person

A report by the Office of National Statistics has highlighted Birmingham as being the unemployment capital of the UK. People in the city experience a variety of barriers to getting into work including lack of skills, lack of confidence and personal barriers such as criminal records, mental health issues, homelessness, single parenting, substance recovery and more…


Our mission


We prepare unemployed men and women for employment success many of whom have criminal convictions, are ex-military men and women, have a history of substance misuse or homeless to a single mother now wanting to get a job or a young person not in education or training.  


Many of the people we see have faced many failures and personal challenges in their life but as soon as they put on a suit for an interview the transformation is incredible both physical and how they see themselves. There’s an immediate sense of HOPE for a better future.


More than just a suit


We not only dress and style people so they look the part for a job interview we also prepare people with one-to-one interview preparation, training workshops and presentations.


Doing more TOGETHER


The problem of unemployment is HUGE and as an individual, we can think our part is insignificant, but if everyone does a little we can make a HUGE difference TOGETHER.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Suited for Success. We create a platform that brings people together to tackle the challenges of unemployment in our city. Suited for Success is an answer to a HUGE need in Birmingham addressing a barrier that many unemployed men and women in the city face when trying to moving into employment.


Become a Chance Giver


Become a regular giver to Suited for Success and give just £10 a month (or more) to support us in our mission to change lives and help give people a chance of getting into employment. Your giving will give many unemployed men and women a CHANCE and enable the sustainability and development of our work including:


Here’s what your giving will support…

  • Free haircuts for our clients 

  • Additional men’s shoes

  • Suit donation drives

  • Running training workshops and presentations

  • Corporate support programmes

  • Developing partnerships

  • Working with employers to open up employment opportunities

  • Supporting the sustainability and development of Suited for Success


Please use our online giving form to become a Suited for Success 'Chance Giver' and set up your regular financial giving or to give a one-off in-kind donation.


Alternatively, if you would like to transfer funds directly to our bank account our details are the following:


Account Name: Suited for Success

Sort code: 40-46-13

Account number:  42047632


Thank you for helping us to make a huge difference!

'Just a little can become a lot'


*Our Suited for Success 'Chance Givers'  will receive our regular newsletter and be kept up to date with our work, new projects, vision and aspirations.

Become a Suited for

Success 'Chance Giver'​

Regular Financial Giving 


At Suited for Success we believe we can make a huge difference by bringing people together to support Birmingham’s unemployed men and women into employment. We hope you will join us too and become a regular financial giver.

for just

£10 a month

or more...

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