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Suit donation day with PwC

PwC partnered with Suited for Success to run a suit donation day on Tuesday 9 May to give staff the

opportunity to donate office wear, including suits, dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers, shoes and handbags

that are ready to wear.

Fantastic donations

Staff at the Cornwall Street office donated more than 200 items of clothing to Suited for Success, which

helps others make a great first impression at job interviews.

Suited for Success managing director Patricia White said: “The fantastic donations collected at the PwC suit donation day will really help towards providing unemployed men and women in Birmingham with suitable job interview outfits that will give them the confidence they need to make that crucial positive first impression in an interview. Every suit, jacket, skirt, dresses, shoes, handbags and more that has been donated will help someone to succeed in their journey to employment.

“Our mission at Suited for Success is to harness the power of collaboration between the corporate and

third sector worlds to impact unemployment in our city. The generous support from PwC staff is helping

to remove one of the barriers stopping unemployed men and women from transitioning into the

workplace and beginning their journey to self-sufficiency.”

First impression count

First impressions are vital when it comes to a job interview. Research by shows that it takes a potential

employer just nine seconds to make up their mind about a job applicant. Not being able to afford an

interview suit can be a huge barrier into employment for many unemployed men and women.

Rebecca Cooke, partner and community affairs lead for PwC in the Midlands, said: “We are delighted to see such commitment from our staff in championing a circular economy by donating their work wear. The work of Suited for Success is vital in helping people overcome barriers to accessing employment or returning to the workplace.

“As a key employer in Birmingham we are pleased that we can make a difference. Staff will also be donating time to Suited for Success to help people a prepare for interviews and improve their CVs later this month as part of our One Firm, One Day volunteering day.”

Going Circular

This initiative is part of PwC’s broader 'Going Circular' programme, which for the last few years, has been applying the principles of the 'circular economy' to its business. This includes maximising the reuse and recycling of all waste and builds on the firm having sent no waste to landfill since 2012.

Bridget Jackson, director of corporate sustainability at PwC, concluded: 'We've been working on recycling of waste from our operations for some time, but in this phase of our programme, we're finding ways to help our employees live more sustainable lifestyles.

"Textiles have a significant carbon and water footprint, so if people can give work clothes to someone else who can use them, it's much better for the environment, as well as generating a feel good factor and building pride in their employer."

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