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A volunteer day with Wesleyan

On 20th July we were joined by a lovely team of staff from the Wesleyan Birmingham office volunteering for the day at Suited for Success. They spent the day dressing and preparing clients ready for their up and coming job interviews.

After a tour of the centre and a presentation about Suited for Success over tea and coffee and breakfast pastries, the team got stuck in and worked in pairs doing the variety of booked appointments for the day.

Appropriate interview clothes

Clients included Manny who has been looking for a catering job after being on a pre-employment training programme with Miss Macaroons. After Manny was dressed for his interview he explained to the Wesleyan volunteers: "I moved from London last October and I've been struggling to fit into life in Birmingham as all my friends and family still live in London. This has had a big affect on my confidence when going for job interviews.

"I've been to quite a few interviews and I've even been told by an interviewer that I wasn't dressed smart enough. Having the appropriate smart clothes has been a huge barrier for me, now I feel ready to go for my next interview".

A rewarding day

Other clients included 20 year old Liam who was as quiet as a mouse and was dressed ready for his apprenticeship interview after being referred by Prospects. Also 41 year old John who has been trying to juggle child care issues and looking for work as his partner works nights and smiling Melody who appreciated the professional advice from the team and felt great in the outfit that was picked out for her.​

Commenting about their day the team said: "It's been hard work but a really rewarding day helping the men with their suits and the women with their dresses.

"Some had been given feedback before that they didn't look smart enough for their interview. Now they are all ready to go for their interviews. It was lovely to see the gratitude of everyone we helped too."

Thank you Wesleyan...


See pictures from the day...

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