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Getting into work with Crisis

On Tuesday 1st August we hosted a great workshop day together with Crisis Birmingham the homeless charity preparing a group of unemployed men who have experienced homelessness ready for employment. The day was attended by a group of 12 men across a variety of ages and life journeys.

Life challenges...

Many have come from professional backgrounds including a teacher and a government worker but have experienced challenges in the life that have resulted in homelessness ( i.e. relationship breakdowns). Many of the group are living in temporary accommodation across the city including YMCA hostels.

The first half of the day was a teaching session led by Crisis Work and Learning Coach Tom Belte where participants looked at setting short term and long term employment goals, thinking about dreams jobs and explored their individual skills/qualities related to the type of work they were interested in. The session saw the group completing an OCN unit on ‘Career Preparation’.

Volunteer day with Wesleyan

For the second half of the day the Suited for Success team got to work fitting each participant with suits and smart clothing ready for their future job interviews. It was great to also be joined by a team of staff from the Wesleyan office in Birmingham who volunteered with us for the day.

Crisis Work and Learning Coach Tom said the group thoroughly enjoyed the day: “ When applying for jobs and interviews presentation is always going to be key. Our members were kitted out with smart interview clothing which will help them reach their goals and aspirations in employment.

"The noticeable difference in confidence and self belief with our members when they were kitted out was fantastic and there was a real feel of personal motivation during the workshop for our members to continue on their own personal paths to employment.

"Suited for Success have been wonderful at encouraging our members to believe in themselves and I expect there will be many more workshops lie this in the near future".

It was a great day!

Read more about Crisis:

See more pictures from the day...

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