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More than just a suit

To further our mission to support unemployed men and women into employment, Suited for Success is developing three new strands to our work launching in autumn 2017 including: Interview coaching and mock interview practice, an aftercare programme and half day workshops.

1) Interview coaching and mock interview practice - Our 1-2-1 Interview coaching and mock interview practice service we will help people to get to grips with their anxiety so they can present themselves in the best possible light and excel in their next interview. Clients get the opportunity to practice interview skills in a supportive and friendly environment. As a result, they will feel more confident, less nervous and will dramatically improve their chances of getting that job.

2) Aftercare programme - Our informal friendly service is aimed at helping men and women in the first few weeks/months to retain their new job

3) Suited for Success workshops - We run a half day workshop on preparing for an interview. The workshop helps people to increase their confidence and improve their interview performance including dressing for success, using positive body language and creating an excellent first impression.

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