A surprise visit from Tesco Springhill

On Friday 9th March we had a lovely SURPRISE visit from Tesco store manager Johnnie Jassal and an entourage of managers and staff from Tesco Springhill in Hockley popping in to see Suited for Success also donating a new laptop.

Suited for Success is located on the same site as the store and our centre is leased from Tesco properties. After being open for just over a year this was the first time many of the staff and managers had seen Suited for Success.

Furniture donation

We were also kindly given a few chairs from the staff canteen a few days later to add to our workshop space. They are a lovely addition to our new interview coaching service

We're looking forward to exploring ways we can work together to help and support unemployed people in our local community into employment.

Thank you Tesco

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