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LAB loves Suited for Success

Birmingham solicitor and vlogger, Chrisse Wolfe, recently popped in to see Suited for Success and did a fab short video about her visit for her youtube channel Law and Broader. Take a look at Chrisse's video...

Chrisse says: " As an aspiring lawyer, one thing which you are undoubtedly trying to achieve is making yourself stand out from the rest. Charity work and helping your local community are a fantastic way to do that, particularly in the context of a smaller, less represented charity which you have a passion for and could talk about for hours (like I could with this one).


"Suited for Success is a genius idea and one which I stumbled across through my involvement with Lovebrum. They are providing an invaluable service for Birmingham's disadvantaged, underprivileged and underrepresented community who are trying to get on the job ladder but need some guidance on looking the part and how to prepare for interviews. If you are from Brum, please get involved in any way you can.

"I know that all of you young professionals out there have some clothes that you no longer wear or could organise a dress down day in order to raise some funds for them. If you are not from Brum, take some inspiration from these guys and see if you could introduce a similar concept in your own community".

Thank you so much Chrisse for supporting Suited for Success and highlighting our work.

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