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Volunteer days with KPMG

Hosting corporate business team volunteer days is a big part of what we do at Suited for Success. We really value and appreciate any volunteering contribution, support, time and skills local businesses can make to Suited for Success.

Our work to support the unemployed in Birmingham and the West Midlands would not be possible without the fantastic support from businesses across the city including suit donations drives, in-kind professional support, financial donations and team volunteer days.

We are delighted to be supported by KPMG Birmingham with suit donations drives and staff volunteer days where teams of staff spend days at Suited for Success supporting referred clients with interview coaching also dressing and styling people for up and coming job interviews.

Doing more together

Working with the KPMG Corporate Responsibility team we also exploring developing further exciting innovative ideas of how the business can support our work and do more together.

We're looking forward to developing our relationship with KPMG Birmingham to make a real difference to the lives of unemployed men and women in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Watch this space for news and updates.

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