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New partnership with Uber

The team at Suited for Success are over the moon about our brand new partnership with Uber. The partnership will enable us to remove another barrier faced by unemployed men and women who are struggling to move into employment.

Suited for Success service users who are struggling financially will now be able to attend their appointments and job interviews without financial stress and the need to navigate their way to a new place. Uber will provide Suited for Success with ‘Uber credits’, which will allow us to book free Uber rides (at our discretion) for clients when they have Suited for Success appointments or job interviews to attend.

Thank you LoveBrum

A big thank you to LoveBrum for helping to make the partnership happen. LoveBrum is a Birmingham charity that supports small grassroot hidden gem projects across the city that are often volunteer led and deliver real change. Suited for Success is a LoveBrum-funded project

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