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A remarkable day!

We had a fantastic #IamRemarkable day on Thursday 7th March celebrating International Women's Day and supporting a group of unemployed back to work mums and carers ready for employment.

The day started with an #IamRemarkable interactive co-facilitated workshop session encouraging the group of ladies on how to confidently and positively promote themselves when applying for jobs and going for interviews. It was great to see the increased confidence in the ladies by the end of the workshop as each one stood up quoting "I am remarkable because..."

Each lady was then treated to a one-to-one personal styling session by a fantastic team of five professional image consultants who run image consultancy businesses across the Midlands including First Impressions Training, The Image Tree and Birmingham based Look Chic volunteering with us on the day.

From colour analysis and body shapes to wardrobe personalities and makeovers, the ladies were dressed, styled and provided with lovely outfits preparing them for interviews and the world of work. During the day we were also joined by the Birmingham City Council WOW employment team advising the women about employment opportunities.

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to confidently speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond.

The #IamRemarkable workshop days at Suited for Success is a confidence building workshop to support unemployed women into work after having children or taking a career break to care for a loved family member or loved ones. The workshop session helps to develop and inspire women to confidently promote themselves, their skills and achievements when applying for jobs and going for job interviews.

In the interactive session women participate in group discussions and exercises to develop the confidence and skills to promote themselves effectively.

One of the big hurdles women face when returning to work after a career break due to having children or being a carer is practicing self-promotion or confidently vocally expressing their achievements when applying for jobs. The benefits of self-promotion includes taking control of the perception by others and understanding the unique contribution the women can make to any workplace.

Suited for Success will be running regular #IamRemarkable workshops throughout the year as part of our back to work mums and carers work strand. The days will work together with unemployment agencies, local businesses and business professionals to support women back into work.

See more great pictures from the remarkable day...

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