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Back to work mums day with CBRE

On Tuesday 26th March we were joined by a team of professional women from the CBRE women's network and had an inspiring day supporting a group of unemployed mums eager to return to work after having children.

The day started with an interactive Q&A panel discussion session where ladies from the commercial real estate and investment company CBRE shared their own stories and experiences of going back to work after having a family.

The ladies each shared their experiences of being teenage mum and being determined to follow her dreams to have a professional career, being a single mom and working full time, to returning to a professional career after a career break to have children and climbing up the corporate ladder to become a female director.

Be proud to be a mum

The great discussion session explored the balancing act of being a working mum and having mum guilt to checking work contracts before taking a job and requesting flexible working hours. The ladies were encouraged to be confident in talking about their skills gained while off work raising their children when applying for jobs and going for a job interview.

CBRE Director Charlotte talked passionately about how she took a break in her professional career to have a family and how she feels her career has developed now she is a parent: "I'm alot more patient now than I was before, I also have good organisation skills, time management skills and I've developed the art of negotiation being a mum."

Single mom Alice encouraged the ladies saying: "stop apologising for being a mother, own it and be confident. See yourself as asset to any employer."

The mums attending also shared about their challenges and struggles to finding work to fit around their children and the guilty feelings of going to work instead of being a stay at home mum. Everyone was inspired by the experiences and advice shared by the panel and other women in room.

Clients were then supported by the ladies from CBRE to create and update CVs, one-to-one employment advice and interview coaching. We were also joined by an employment advisor from the NHS who showed the ladies how to apply for NHS jobs and all the part-time opportunities available.

Ladies were also dressed and styled by the Suited for Success team ready for job interviews and the world of work. From experimenting with different styles and colours, to practicing to walk in heels and smart work shoes again instead of trainers and boots usually worn everyday.

Such a great day full of laughter, encouragement, advice and practical support. Each of our clients left with increased self-esteem and feeling alot more confident to move into employment .

See more pictures great from the day...

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