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Client gains employment during covid lockdown

While Suited for Success was closed during the Covid-19 lockdown it was great to hear from one of our clients who got in touch to say she had successfully gained employment as a support worker for a large charity in Birmingham.

We met Pam Quailey 12 months ago at the job club we run in Ladywood every Wednesday supporting people into employment. She had left her long career in social services to become a carer for her father until he passed in 2018. Suited for Success supported Pam to regain her confidence to return to employment.

Pam talks to us about her journey:

I lost my self-worth

"After a long career as a social worker I took a career break from September 2014 to be a full-time carer for my dad who was diagnosed with Dementia. After my father passed away at the end of 2018, I felt lost, out of sync not knowing where or who to turn to in an attempt to revive my career and self-worth as a human being. In January 2019 I was signposted to the Ladywood Job Club where I met Patricia (Suited for Success, CEO).

Overwhelmed and anxious

"I felt overwhelmed and anxious with the thought of going back to work full-time so I spoke to Patricia about exploring the option of volunteering first using my social work experience. I was introduced to Trident Reach the charity where I joined as a volunteer supporting young people and their needs.

"While volunteering I attended workshop days at Suited for Success to build up my confidence and prepare for employment. I lacked confidence and didn’t believe in myself.

"However, after attending interview coaching and mock interview appointments at Suited for Success my thought process changed dramatically. I was taught how to think logically, instil positive thoughts about my past experiences and transfer my skills.

Feeling part of society again

"Eventually I applied for a full-time position at Trident Reach and after an interview on 24th March 2020 I successfully got the job.

I am truly blessed and grateful to Patricia and her team at Suited for Success for their dedication and giving back my self-worth in society again."

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