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Reopening after Covid lockdown

Suited for Success has reopened it's doors after being closed since the end of March due to the Covid-19 UK lockdown. The team are looking forward to getting back to business with a focus on supporting the many men and women who have sadly lost jobs due to the covid pandemic.

Doing things differently

We will be working a little differently and have put safety measures in place to ensure our staff, volunteers, clients and donors are safe while at Suited for Success.

Reopening safely

Due to the one-to-one nature of our work we will have to do things very differently. After some planning with our trustee board and members of our team below is information regarding some of the changes we have put into place at Suited for Success.

Our centre

  • A full risk assessment has been done.

  • Social distancing signage and banners are displayed throughout the centre both internal and externally.

  • All staff and volunteers to report any symptoms.

  • There are several hand sanitizing stations throughout the centre for both staff and clients to use.

  • All public areas are cleaned regularly throughout the day

  • Only people with an appointment will be allowed to enter the building.

  • Public donations have been paused until September 2020.

  • Any donations dropped off will be put into a quarantined area for 72 hours.

Client appointments

  • Clients will be asked and reminded to not attend their appointment if displaying covid symptoms.

  • All clients will be asked to use a hand sanitising station inside the front door as they enter the building.

  • Our styling team will wear face masks when dressing clients

  • Any clothing tried on by clients will be put onto a quarantine rail for 72 hours

  • Tea and coffee only made by our team using disposable cups only.

  • ALL face-to-face coaching will be done via video call or phone calls

  • Our interview coaching team will do appointments remotely.

  • Only TWO dressing appointments will take place at any one time in two far end changing rooms while practicing social distancing.

Video coaching and online masterclasses

We're looking forward to supporting and connecting with our clients through a number of digital platforms. From our one-to-one interview coaching sessions via video to offering a library of online interview preparation masterclasses. Our three coaching booths have also been turned into dedicated video interview booths available for our clients to book to attend appointments with our interview coaches or have video interviews with employers.

These are just some of the areas we are developing and doing things differently to continue our work supporting men and women into employment.

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