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A quick turnaround for success

We often share our client success stories with our supporters on social media. WOW what a response we received about John’s story.

In October 2020 we had a fantastic result supporting John who had a job interview on the same day of his appointment at Suited for Success.

John had recently fallen on hard times. He had been unemployed for 13 weeks and was living in a nearby homeless hostel. After receiving a last-minute invite to a job interview we went the extra mile in turning around John’s appointment.

He arrived for his Suited for Success appointment at 9am we dressed him by 9.30am, John attended his job interview at 10.15am and secured the a new job at 10.45am. What a result!!!

WOW what a response!!!

After sharing John’s success story on social media platform LinkedIn, the post received over 1.6 MILLION views, was reshared 700 times, had over 52,500 reactions and over 1970 comments of well wishes for John and support for our work coming from all over the world!

Even John's new employer saw our post on Linkedin and posted the following great message and a picture of John on his first day with the company.

"WOW, as the employer who interviewed John I can only say whilst he absolutely looked fantastic, he got the job because of his positive attitude and his personality. His interview was the highlight of my Thursday and I was still talking about him on Friday. Out of hundreds of interviews over several years, John stood out"

A quick turnaround for success

Our team was so pleased we were able to turn his appointment around so quickly and helping him to secure employment that will help him get back on his feet.


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