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Heartwarming donation from Featherbed Tales

Donations to Suited for Success come in all shapes and sizes. We're so grateful to receive a really lovely donation of children's audio storybooks from Featherbed Tales to support our work with back to work mums.

The audio picture books will be gifted to our female clients who have been supported by one of our Back to Work Mums programmes and have successfully secured employment. Clients will be able to pick from a series of six digital illustrated interactive storytelling books for children under 10 and can be narrated by the mums for their children to listen to while they're out at work.

Work and home life balance

One of the biggest challenges for women returning to the workplace after having children is to create a new work and home life balance which may include missing storytime with their children. Research shows that parental voices may be as effective in providing reassurance as a hug.

Each Featherbed Tale features the fictional lives of wildlife characters as they have fun exploring the outdoors and nature. The audio books can be enjoyed time and time again from any location, via a computer, tablet, smart phone or device where there is secure internet access.

The books will make a lovely storytime alternative while mum is at work and away from home. The kind donation will help our mums to prepare their children for that important milestone.

Support children and connecting families

We're really grateful to Caroline England, founder and tech entrepreneur behind Featherbed Tales for the generous donation and support of our work.

"I’m proud that Featherbed Tales can make a difference in supporting children and connecting families when they cannot be together." says Caroline.

Listen to a full Featherbed Tales recorded children's story, The Lizard's Tail


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