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More than just a suit - Workshop days

Our workshop days at Suited for Success focus on supporting unemployed ex-forces, back to work mums and unemployed men and women with criminal convictions helping people on their journeys to employment.


Supporting the Ex-Forces


Working alongside ex-military charities including The Poppy Factory, The Royal British Legion, Walking with the Wounded, SSAFA (charity for the armed forces) also ex-forces recruitment agencies and employers signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant across the West Midlands, our Ex-forces days at Suited for Success support unemployed ex-military men and women into employment.

The aim of the days is to build the confidence and self-esteem of ex-servicemen and women after leaving the forces and being long-term unemployed. Being in the military many have never had to go through an interview process or are unable to transfer their military skills to a civvy street employment CV.


Our Ex-Forces days at Suited for Success are also supported by teams of business staff and senior managers volunteering with us for the day including the National Grid and others

Our Ex-Forces day includes:

  • Competency-based one-to-one interview coaching sessions with professional staff and business managers volunteering their time, expertise and professional experience

  • CV updates, tips and advice

  • Coaching and advice on transferrable skills and career aspirations

  • Job search and employment opportunities with ex-military recruiters

  • A FREE interview suit is also offered on the day.


Ex-Forces day spaces are limited and must be booked in advance. 

To Book


For more information or to be added to our mailing list to be kept up to date for future days email:  or contact Tel no: 0121 236 7770


PLEASE NOTE: our Ex-Forces days are for ex-military men and women who are unemployed and have left service.


Suited for Success holds the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award demonstrating our commitment to supporting the ex-armed forces.


Applying with Convictions

Employment is commonly upheld as an important outcome indicator in the context of reducing reoffending. Stigma is also one of the greatest barriers to employment for those who have a history of offending. Many ex-offenders also have a self-belief that they are not employable because of their criminal history, they don’t fit in or look the part.


Applying with Convictions workshop days at Suited for Success

Disclosure is a very complex and confusing area when it comes to applying for jobs and seeking potential employment. Our work with ex-offenders focuses on disclosure, interviewing with confidence, presentation skills and self-image.

The 'Applying with Convictions' workshop at Suited for Success is a two-day workshop supporting unemployed men and women aged 19+ with criminal convictions into employment.


The two-day workshop includes: 


DAY ONE: 10AM - 1PM (Interactive workshop session)

  • What is disclosure,

  • When and how to disclose a criminal conviction in a job interview and when applying for jobs

  • Share experiences

  • Learn about friendly employers


 DAY TWO: 10AM - 3PM 

  • One-to-One support to create or update your CV

  • Get one-to-one interview coaching and practice disclosing with business professionals

  • Apply for real jobs 

  • Dressed and styled in a FREE job interview suit


PLEASE NOTE: BOTH DAYS MUST BE ATTENDED. ( Lunch is also provided on day two).

To Book


Spaces are limited on our Applying with Convictions workshop days and must be booked in advance. For more information or to be added to our mailing list to be kept up to date on future workshop dates email: or Tel: 0121 236 7770.


Applying with Convictions interview coaching appointments


Alongside the workshop days, we also offer 'Applying with Convictions' one-to-one interview coaching appointments including disclosure and employment advice, CV reviews also practising how to disclosing in a job interview.


Back to Work Mums

Our Back to Work mums workshop days at Suited for Success help, prepare, support and inspire women to return to work after maternity leave. Surveys have found that confidence is one of the top three barriers to returning to work, along with the availability of flexible work and childcare difficulties for back to work mums.


There are many reasons why women lose their confidence during breaks from working including:

  • Loss of identity – having gone from being a working person, achieving targets, working in teams with other adults and earning money to a focus on their child(ren)’s needs and schedule and no income.

  • Loss of status

  • Priorities have changed 

  • Forgetting what you used to know – This is especially true for technical skills and expert knowledge. Technology has also changed

  • Becoming overly self-critical

Our Back to Work Mums workshop sessions includes:

  • Interactive group session

  • Create and update CVs

  • Employment advice

  • One-to-one interview coaching

  • Dressing and styling session providing each woman with a free job interview outfit.


The days are also supported by female volunteer teams from local businesses to help, support, develop and inspire women to confidently promote themselves, their skills and achievements when applying for jobs and going for job interviews.

The workshop sessions are also run at children centres and community projects.


To Book

For more information about our Back to Work Mums workshop days or to be added to our mailing list to be kept up to date on future workshop dates email: or Tel: 0121 236 7770.



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