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First impressions count

Suited for Success is really excited to be working together with First Impressions to give our unemployed clients the additional professional support, help and advice to succeed in getting that job.

West Midlands based First Impressions is an image consultancy and people development organisation that spams the UK, Europe and Asia. They offer Image skills and professional development training through professional consultancy, training and advice services in personal image, personal branding and all aspects of people development. We’re really pleased First Impressions have added Suited for Success to their extensive list of corporate companies and organisations helping their clients to enhance and reinforce brand messages through personal presentation.

Through training, workshops and presentations, our team of volunteers and referred clients will learn about image impact for interviews, personal appearance, behaviour and communication skills, which are core to succeeding in an interview and making the right impression in a new job.

Working with First Impressions will ensure that Suited for Success is more than just a FREE interview suit and we can go the extra mile in supporting our clients.

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