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Thank you Ladywood Fire Station

There's nothing we love more than working together with others. It's always been our mission to create a platform that brings people together to make a difference. It was so awesome to have a fire crew from our local Ladywood West Midlands Fire Service Station help us to put a giant 'coming soon' banner across our new bus on a late Friday summer afternoon in July.

We're also really looking forward to rolling up our sleeves over the coming months and working with a number of businesses, volunteers and construction contractors to help convert the bus and get it one the road.

Thank you so much Ladywood West Midlands Fire Service station.

Give us a High Five and donate a fiver

Love what we do? High five us by donating a fiver. Get on board our exciting new Suited for Success bus journey helping even more unemployed people into work. Simply scan the QR code or give online.

High five our new bus and donate a fiver. Text HIGHFIVE to 70450 to donate £5. #getonboard #highfive #morethanjustasuit #employment #suitedforsuccessbus


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