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One day with PwC

On Friday 19th May a team of staff from PwC volunteered for the day at Suited for Success as part of their annual firm-wide volunteering initiative called 'One Firm One Day'. The team of six staff from the Birmingham city centre office spent the day dressing and preparing our clients for up and coming job interviews.

Being dressed for success

In the morning clients included a newly qualified beautician 21yrs old from Ladywood going for a job interview at a laser clinic and an interview in June for a cruise ship job. Also a male client who had recently been made redundant in March after 17 years in a job, now going for an interview with Specsavers.

Another male client included a Syrian refugee who was a professional teacher back home in his country but left due to the war and has claimed asylum in the UK. He had a job interview as an admin assistant in an accountancy office. This was his first job interview since arriving in the UK.

A new leaf

In the afternoon the PwC team then dressed three more clients from one of our referral partners called New Leaf CIC who support ex-offenders into employment. Lucy, Mike and Joel had the team's undivided attention, dressing them and giving interview advice ready to succeed in gaining employment. They were absolutely over the moon with their transformations.

A rewarding day

Members of the team commented on how rewarding they felt the day was.

Jake said: "We've had a really good day, way beyond what we expected. The clients came in looking a bit lost and feeling a bit timid and not sure what was going to happen. Then seeing the smiles on their faces when they saw themselves in suits and feeling more confident was great. It was really nice to see the change and knowing they are now going to their job interview with confidence and we were able to help with that."

Meena added: "It's been a really rewarding day and a real eye opener listening to the client's stories. It was great to have the opportunity to give them the boost that they need to be able to get back out there into the job market and find work."

Anna talked about her best highlight of the day: "A highlight for me has been seeing the smile on my client's face after he came in a baseball cap and left in a suit, he looked absolutely amazing."

One Firm One Day

The PwC One Firm One Day, which took place on Friday 19th May, is a dedicated volunteering day that takes place every year. It gives staff the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to support their local communities.

Thank you PwC for spending the day with Suited for Success.

See more pictures from the day in the gallery below...

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