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Bright Thinking for Suited for Success

Earlier this year saw the launch of an exciting partnership project with TAG Network Midlands called 'The Bright Thinking Project', working with a group of socially aware and active young professionals wanting to positively impact unemployment in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands.

The Bright Thinking Project brought together a group of young professionals to participate in a 9-week programme giving them the opportunity to learn core business skills and social entrepreneurship with a connection to the social impact responsibilities of the business community.

Suited for Success – Phase Two

Young professionals on The Bright Thinking programme have created TWO exciting creative initiatives for Suited for Success that work hand-in-hand to enhance our ongoing relationships with the corporate business community in Birmingham and further develop our work to impact unemployment.

The pilot ideas will create ongoing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds (mothers returning back to the workforce, veterans, carers, and people from different socioeconomic groups) to be encouraged/inspired to find equal routes to employment.

Supporting our core values

The programme was created, developed and facilitated by TAG Network Midlands CEO, Denise Morris who's passion for inclusion was the core value of the programme.

"The programme has ensured our participants have gained an insight into corporate engagement for the charity." says Denise Morris. Extensive knowledge of the charity, understanding of the recruitment process needed to enlist volunteers for the charity, produce marketing campaigns for the benefit of the brand , as well as building strong connections with other talented multi-sector professionals enrolled within the cohort"

Bright Thinking ideas

The project was also supported by the Gleeson Recruitment Group with many of the sessions taking place at their blush city centre offices. Divisional Manager, Sharon Morse played a huge role in supporting the young professionals acting as a sounding board for the group throughout the programme.

"Gleeson are always open to supporting TAG Network Midlands projects that can open up avenues within the community and this project was an exciting opportunity to incorporate young professionals ideas and visions into projects that would ultimately benefit Suited for Success." says Sharon

"The highlight of this project has been watching the young professionals’ ideas, thoughts, and visions start to take shape and become reality; they have become feasible platforms that would benefit Suited for Success and their growth plans. The ultimate aim of this partnership was to invest time into all parties and the project allowing for a platform that could be introduced as a viable concept for Suited for Success."

A graduation event for Bright Thinking project took place on Tuesday 8th October at the Trowers and Hamlins offices in Birmingham City Centre, giving the graduates Anna Mitchell, Max Andrews and Naomi Aly involved in the programme the opportunity present their ideas followed by an interactive Q&A. Suited for Success are hoping to launch the pilot initiatives later this year and we are looking for business partners to take part in our exciting pilot.

The event also celebrated the launch of an exciting new Suited for Success Young Professionals Board with Anna , Max and Naomi as the first members, The first task for the board will be to work on developing the Bright Thinking ideas so they become a reality.

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